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Apparecchio multifunzione che cuoce come una piastra o come un forno ventilato secondo la posizione del maniglione. Dotato di piani di cottura in vetroceramica dimezza i tempi di cottura e abbatte i consumi. Ideale in bar, ristoranti, pizzerie, fast food e locali di tendenza.


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Multifunctional cooking system machine for all kinds of food cooked in a fast and crisp way. It functions both as a grill or as an oven depending to the position of the handle. Due to the fast heating of the ceramic hotplates you can save electric power and speed up production. Suitable for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, fast foods, etc...

Gruppi E Gruppetti
Multi-functional Machines
Tritaghiaccio e Spezzaghiaccio
Ice Crushers and Ice Breaker
Cioccolatiere e Frullacioc
Chocolate Pots And Frullacioc
Centrifughe ed Estrattore
Centrifuges Juice Machines
and Juice Extractor
Citrus Fruit Squeezers
Frullini per Frappè
Frappè Blenders
Eis Spaghetti, Frozen, Mixage
Spaghetti Icer, Frozen, Mixage
Piastre, Fry-Tops, Crepiere
Ceramic Grills, Fry-Tops, Crepes Machine
Piastre Forno
Ceramic Grill Ovens
Fornetti e Fornetti con Piastra
Ovens and Grill Ovens
Cutters, Cuoci Uova e Cuoci Pasta
Cutters, Egg Boiler and Pasta Cooker
Tostapane e Tostafette
Toasters and Toasts Conveyor
Asciuga Lucida Posate
Cutlery Dryers and Polishers